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Embroidery is one of the oldest forms of art and some people even call this as a traditional art. Unique embroidery artworks fabric adorn the walls, curtains and even on the dining tables in homes and even in some of the hotels and restaurants. The embroidery art is popular in Asia and in some of the European countries. The embroidery work is normally made on fabrics like Aida, Cotton, Silk, Satin and Polyester. Cross stitch is one of the popular forms of embroidery work. As the very name suggests, this type of stitch will be in ‘X’ shape in a tailed pattern and in this manner the desired picture or image is formed. The stitch should be uniform as otherwise it may distort the appearance of overall image or picture. It is for this reason, the person engaged in Cross stitch always counts the thread in each direction so as to ensure uniformity in appearance.

According to experienced cross stitch artists, linen and Aida fabrics are ideally suited for this kind of embroidery works. As you know these are ‘even wave fabrics’ and you can present the embroidery work with greater elegance. Similarly, Silk, Satin and polyester fabric having even wave are also ideally suited for this work. Some of the embroidery artists also do cross stitch on printed fabrics; in such cases they perform cross stitch on printed area of the design and this process is called as stamped cross stitch.

The stamped cross stitch method is normally adopted by young girls who are learning the art of embroidery. Normally, they will cross stitch on certain designs or alphabets and hang their work on the wall or spread it on a table. There is also tradition wherein people stitch their initials or a certain logo as a matter of identification of their work. The known earlier cross stitch embroidery work which is believed to have been stitched in the year 1653 is displayed in Pilgrim Hall, Massachusetts.

Of course, cross stitch cloths were popular since several centuries. But it was popular only amongst a section of the population. In fact, in some of the Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Nepal even to this day women extensively use attires like Saree, selwars and other dress materials richly decorated with cross stitch embroidery works. However, in recent times the popularity of cross stitch embroidery works has grown far and wide. This has now become a popular decoration material in every home and office and even in recreation clubs. Many types of attire including prom dresses and beach wedding dresses are now available in cross stitch designs. Several upholstery and bedding materials like pillow covers, bedspreads are made using this unique artwork.

To add glitter, designers have introduced cross stitch with design which appear to be work of paining. Another unique design is with multicolor and also shaded designs. Several institutions and organizations across the globe have started conducting coaching classes where this unique art of embroidery is being taught. In fact, some of the philanthropic girls make several interesting artworks using cross stitch designs and sell them in exhibition and use the proceeds to help a genuine public cause or help poor people. Some of the designers have brought out magazines and books where several interesting deigns have been suggested for cross stitch embroidery work enthusiasts. In fact, variety of threads have been introduced which has helped in adding sheen to this interesting artwork. Traditionally, embroidery is a handwork but now the work can be carried out on a sewing machine also. As a result, you can complete the task much earlier and you can bring out superior quality designs.

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